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Online Poker Websites

One of the main missions of FlamePoker.com is to evaluate and rank online poker websites. We review poker sites by evaluating several criteria such as safety, security, validity of license, existing bonuses, payment solutions, bonus clearing requirements and many more. We are professional online poker players and know very well what people look after when they are searching for the best online poker sites.

Our 10+ year experience in online poker and poker websites have taught us many methods of distinguishing legit online poker rooms from fraudulent poker sites. Our website would like to share this knowledge with the rest of the internet poker community in order for players to be able to make the right decisions when it comes to playing poker online.

The great think about online poker is the fact that most online poker rooms are perfectly legitimate these days. In addition, most poker sites have valid licenses issued by multiple countries. Still, there are online poker rooms that should be avoided. We help you make the distinction.

Online Poker Bonuses

Poker websites offer free money bonuses to poker players. They do this in order to convince players to sign up. Poker bonuses such as the first deposit poker bonus can be extremely regarding but players will have to look out to find the best deals available. Choosing a bad poker bonus or one with hard bonus clearing requirements might be a very bad move.

This is why you will have to learn everything about internet poker bonuses. Our guides and articles will help you find the best online poker bonuses in order to be able to fully profit from this very exiting concept. Our pages cover a wide array of poker bonus related subjects such as first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and more.

Naturally we also offer you advice regarding the bets online poker bonus sites available. We will show you how to distinguish the best poker room bonuses that are being offered on the market. The best deals are usually hidden and are being offered by rooms that are not so popular yet but are on the way of conquering the market.

Legal Poker Sites

Many countries around the globe have decided to legalize online poker. These countries are also awarding online poker licensed to safe online poker sites. They do this in order to protect players from fraudulent poker sites as well as to cash in large amounts of money in form of online poker and online gaming taxes. Online poker regulation is great for all parties involved.

Our guides will teach you everything regarding the laws and regulations of internet poker in various countries and continents. If you are now sure how online poker laws work then we’ll clear everything up for you. For example, did you know that in the United Kingdom you don’t have to pay taxes on online poker winning? – This and more will be covered in our detailed and content rich guides.

And lastly, we will also show you which are online poker sites that have a valid license. We only recommend our readers to play at licensed online poker sites and as such as have only included these types of sites on our toplists on our pages.

FlamePoker.com Support

Have you been scammed or defrauded by an online poker site? – If yes then we can help you. We are able to expose fraudulent online poker rooms and exert pressure on them in order to comply with player obligations such as withdrawal requests. Unfortunately there are still many players today that fall victim to scams.

Most online poker sites are completely legal but there are some that do not respect laws and regulations. If you play at legal online poker websites then there is nothing to be afraid of. Some people might still make mistakes and end up playing at a not-so-serious room.

If this happened to you then just send us an email and we’ll we of your assistance.

You can find us on: support@flamepoker.com

Welcome to FlamePoker.com

FlamePoker.com is website dedicated to educate online poker players about everything related to the internet poker business. The site is run by long-time passionate online poker players that are very experienced in the business and consider themselves to be very knowledgeable when it comes to internet poker websites.

We’ve probably played at some point in our lives at almost all online poker sites that exist. This is the reason why we are pretty confident that the advice we give when we recommend our readers the best online poker websites is highly reliable.

Our site is defined by various key elements such a recommending the top online poker rooms that we believe performs the best in the online poker business. But we also offer valuable legal information about the legal status of internet poker in various countries. As such, we only list and promote legal online poker sites with a proven positive track record.

Online Poker Legislation and Legit Online Poker Rooms

We have discovered that many people who would like to play poker online are unsure if this practice is legal or not. As such we have decided to provide our readers with a large resource of online poker legislation related guides and articles.

If you are interested about the legal status of online poker then checks out some of our classy pages dealing about this topic. If you are not sure if there are licensed online poker rooms available, then we will also clear up this issue for you and tell you where you can find some of the safest poker sites on the web.

Online Poker Bonuses and Promotions

Poker bonuses are part of internet poker. Yet many newcomers are now sure how these bonuses work or if there are even real in the first place. Yes, the concept of internet poker bonuses can definitely be stage to many people but we’re here to help and clear up many issues that newcomers find it difficult to understand at first.

Naturally we also talk a lot about some of the best online poker bonuses in the business. We’ll teach you how to be able to find the greatest deals and the most advantageous offers that won’t require you much effort to crack. Poker bonus clearing requirements can be complicated but we make sure you’ll understand everything after you check out some of our guides.

Best Online Poker Sites in 2012 and Beyond

We regularly play online poker at most poker sites that operate on the market. We also constantly try out newly launched internet poker rooms even if this contains some risk. We are simply interested about what’s available on the market and we wish to update the global online poker community about any changes. Additionally, we also recommend you check out http://www.partypokerbonuscode2013.co.uk/ in order to get the latest bonus code for Party Poker.

So, if we find any fraudulent online poker websites in our search, then we will report about it here. It’s not enough to only talk about the best poker rooms but letting people know about the ones that are shady s also very important.